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Bite-sized updates from Kathryn Valencia.


"I love my garden", not to be confused with, "I love to garden." Tried it once. Never caught on with me. I know; I know. It takes practice, intentional attempts to form a habit but I don't wanna, so I'm not gonna. However, non-participation has not kept me from...

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The focal point of The Run this time of year, green, is bursting out of hibernation filling my gaze to the outermost peripheral vision. I love it. I mean ... I ... Love ... It. As a child, it was my absolute favorite color and the only one I would use. With so many...

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HUH? 🤔 Intentional Living Response versus Reaction ... Action for action's sake is a reaction to someone else's prompting or your own insecurities. Stepping out into action even in the midst of not knowing every move forward is a response; there is a decision being...

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SKIING/SHOPPING TELLURIDE Skiing/Shopping ... Believe it or not I consider both extreme sports, rooted in practice (physical consistency), discipline (mental consistency), forming habit (grown into the soul) ... Consistency. Trial and Error leading to Success leading...

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ACCEPTANCE Running/Skiing ... Tomato/Tomauto ... Whereas Running, my first love, involves exploring new routes, scenery, terrain; Skiing brings you into the Wow Factor, on the top of the world, the stillness, the beauty, the overwhelming feeling of solitude and at the...

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Trinity Trail: Ft. Worth, TX Not exactly the whole of Ft. Worth on my particular run, but Trinity Trail covers 40+ miles of interesting views giving generously of my favorite aspect of The Run ... Choices, Choices & more Choices. Taking a break from helping...

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Running Changed My DNA I've actually done research on this. 20 or so years of chronicling countless data points led to one emphatic conclusion ... Running is 90% mindset. This was never more evident than my marathon training days. When I had an upcoming long run, 15+...

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Yay Fall! I made an executive decision this summer. Wanting to ensure the continuation of my commitment, I made the switch to walking in this Alabama heat and humidity. When I started running some 20 years ago, I would never miss a run-day no matter what. I had a...

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Running Birmingham (like a tourist)

Village to Village to Village Crestline/English/Mountain Brook Just coming off travel, on a roll as it were of walking all day with brief sustenance stops, I decided to attempt to keep up the pace at home. I always do this and it inevitably always winds down to my...

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Running Paris

Monuments Run: Paris, France One Day. We had 1 day in Paris, so obviously we chose to make this a Run Day. Truth be told, it was more of a Walk Day but what started out as an early morning run to the Eiffel Tower and back turned into a 15-mile plus run/walk hitting...

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