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Bite-sized updates from Kathryn Valencia.

Running Birmingham (like a tourist)

Village to Village to Village Crestline/English/Mountain Brook Just coming off travel, on a roll as it were of walking all day with brief sustenance stops, I decided to attempt to keep up the pace at home. I always do this and it inevitably always winds down to my...

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Running Paris

Monuments Run: Paris, France One Day. We had 1 day in Paris, so obviously we chose to make this a Run Day. Truth be told, it was more of a Walk Day but what started out as an early morning run to the Eiffel Tower and back turned into a 15-mile plus run/walk hitting...

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Running Birmingham #5

Village to Village 10k: Mountain Brook Yeah, so I used to run marathons, a 10k might be a nice pastime ... especially since I'm only running 3 miles every now and then these days :/ This is what the day taught me: A) Age is a real thing, B) Never underestimate...

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Running Birmingham #4

Brookwood: Connector Run I call this a connector run because it connects two previous runs, Mountain Brook #2 and Homewood: Lakeshore #3, for those who prefer a longer distance or are training for a Half or Full Marathon. Recent sidewalk installations now enable you...

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Running Birmingham #3

Homewood: Lakeshore Lakeshore is a great starting place for a beginner with mileage markers every quarter mile. I run Lakeshore when I don't want to think about calculating mileage. It's a carefree 2 1/2 miles down and 2 1/2 miles back with just a few slight inclines....

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Running Birmingham #2

Mountain Brook: Crestline Village, Montrose Rd., Beechwood Rd., Jemison Natural Trail, Jemison Paved Trail, Mountain Brook Village, Montevallo Rd, Crestline Village This is one of a half-dozen runs throughout Mountain Brook ... so many choices, which is usually one of...

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Running Birmingham #1

Pepper Place/Rotary Trail/Railroad Park/Morris Avenue This run is full of building murals, overpasses (I have an unnatural obsession running these) and local eateries ending with cobblestone streets and maybe even a little shopping to pick up a unique little something...

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