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Apr 11, 2023

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: April 11, 2023

The focal point of The Run this time of year, green, is bursting out of hibernation filling my gaze to the outermost peripheral vision. I love it. I mean … I … Love … It. As a child, it was my absolute favorite color and the only one I would use. With so many choices in that coveted 64-count box, my coloring book was filled with page after page of shades of green. Until, at the age of 5, a distinct memory of stepping outside of my crayon comfort zone, what I knew worked, turned out to be a mini-epiphany. Cornflower Blue didn’t ruin my work of art, it complimented, actually made my beautiful green better. I could see it even clearer with more punch.

Lessons start young. Taking chances start small. Learning is present in every experience and children are by nature open to receive organically without thinking of, counting on the payout, kind of a beautifully simple concept. With each success, bolder … With each fail, reworking, thinking through … Not boastfully or self-depricatingly, merely applying what is learned either way. As adults, strategy begins to take precedence over process, calculations over attempts. An exorbitant amount of time is put into protecting cost, time, effort. Prepare … Yes. Plan … Absolutely. However, tweaking the focus just a bit from outwit, outplay, outlast of phantom opponents to pouring focus into your next move, your next play of the game produces amazing results, not to mention is much more rewarding.

Every Experience Received … Every Experience Cultivated … Every Experience Has Value 🙂



  1. Cassie

    I agree! Love the bursting of green this time of year! Everyday is a little brighter, a little more green. Love this post! As always love your photos!

    • soulspeakadmin

      Thank you Cassie!


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