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Running Birmingham #4

Mar 13, 2022

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: March 13, 2022

Brookwood: Connector Run

I call this a connector run because it connects two previous runs, Mountain Brook #2 and Homewood: Lakeshore #3, for those who prefer a longer distance or are training for a Half or Full Marathon. Recent sidewalk installations now enable you to go from Mountain Brook Parkway to Brookwood Village to Lakeshore safely without the fear of being roadkill like when I was performing this daunting task a few years ago. Choose your mileage range from about 8 to 13 miles or so depending on how you piece it together. You will need energy assistance in the form of a bar and/or Gatorade-type drink. Water alone won’t do it. I’ll never forget my first 8-mile run, as I finished and started the walk back feeling the sting of salt in my eyes, pouring from my skin, getting lightheaded and realizing, “Oh no, I hope I don’t pass out.” From that experience I learned how to prepare for longer runs. A good playlist doesn’t hurt either and has propelled me through to the brutal finish more than once. Connect with your own “hurt so good” pics on Instagram and be sure to tag me @livesoulspeak.


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