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Jan 19, 2022

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: January 19, 2022


Document YOUR Story

Are you starting to see it? And when you do, are you surprised? Building from the previous post, You’re Fascinating #1, as you practice writing and asking questions to each statement, journaling reacquaints you with basic dreams, hopes, fears, etc., that have probably always been there, the inside scoop really to your story. It’s an interesting read, to look under the pile of titles we give ourselves, things we surround ourselves with, to present to the world as validation. Pick up a copy of Soul Speak and read more about recognizing the built-in value in your soul.


Awareness and Appreciation

What are you doing … NOW? Take in all your experiences, almost like a tourist sightseeing with curiosity, sometimes fascinating, sometimes heartbreaking, but always valuable. Write down your Awareness moments and watch your Appreciation grow 🙂



“Thank you” Each post will highlight a different acknowledgement and “Thank You” is a great one to start with. “Thank You” is more than simply being polite. It is a spiritual exercise of Receiving and Giving, gratefully receiving while acknowledging the giver. Read more about the Selflessness of Receiving in my book, Soul Speak, and pick up a copy at


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    Love these.

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  2. Cassie

    Love it! Great post!

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