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Things That Make You Go “Yummmmm”#3

Jan 31, 2022

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: January 31, 2022

La Marmotte, Telluride, CO

Ohh La La!

For being such a small town, Telluride does not lack in a variety of fine dining and La Marmotte is très magnifique! Walking up on San Juan Ave. right off the gondola you’ll see outdoor glass dining pods surrounded by snow under the stars but the inside decor and ambience was equally chic and unique. Excited to get started I chose a French 75 of the signature cocktails while Sweetheart opted for a glass off the discriminating wine list. We decided to forgo the appetizers as this is a 3-course menu. I’m usually a 1-course girl but as we worked our way though each delightfully prepared and exquisitely tasting plate, it became apparent why it was set up this way. Almost like a melody, to stop mid-stream would feel as if it was an unfinished song. Trout and Beef Cheeks were our picks for the main course and I can’t even begin to describe the dessert. You’ll just have to try one for yourself. We were happy to play our part in this flavor production they put on night after night. I would be amiss to not mention the impeccable service lending to the whole experience. All of your senses will be rewarded so enjoy this culinary encounter with full awareness. You’re guaranteed to leave with a satisfied smile 🙂 And pick up a copy of Soul Speak to read how awareness always leads to appreciation.


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