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Nov 14, 2023

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: November 14, 2023


The way to a healthy weight, healthy body has nothing to do with restriction. Who are you listening to? and Why? The answer to well-being is not given to you in colorful packaging, clever advertising, composed in a chemistry lab to “taste just like the real thing”. Here’s an idea; what about eating the real thing. It’s made to look like a complex equation, too difficult for a typical person to navigate on purpose. It’s not difficult. And if that is hard for you to believe, then they’ve done their job well. Eating real food is not a radical position to take. Real food doesn’t result in cravings and so when you make the transition, overeating is not a thing. You eat when you’re hungry. You stop when you’re full. It’s natural; it’s simple and oh so satisfying. There is no “trying to be good”; it’s all good. Created to be enjoyed, food, real food, flavor sustains the body, clears the mind and lifts the spirit. So … Come and get it! Goodness in. Service out. Receive and be Transformed. Start with your fork 🙂

#EveryExperienceHasValue #YourSoulIsRootingForYou


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