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Soul Speak is a series of daily reads meant to

Invite Reflection & Nourish the Soul


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Why Soul Speak?

To Know and To Be Known.

It’s giving your voice validity.

Awareness of that voice walks hand in hand with faith.

Acceptance of that voice steers us toward purpose.

Acknowledgement of that voice alleviates fear and frees us to move, to appreciate.


Latest Blogs


"AMEN!" From our lips to God's ears, a fitting acknowledgement of His omniscient counsel. Much more than a punctuation mark ending to a prayer, it's where our vulnerability brings us into a beautiful space of connection to The Almighty. Amen to that!

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Receive/Give Receive Love; Give Forgiveness. Receive Forgiveness; Give Grace. Receive Grace; Give Understanding. Receive Understanding; Give Empathy. Receive Empathy; Give Peace. Receive Peace; Give Joy. Receive Joy; Give Blessings. Receive Blessings; Give Love. It's...

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