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Soul Speak is a series of daily reads meant to

Invite Reflection & Nourish the Soul


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Why Soul Speak?

To Know and To Be Known.

It’s giving your voice validity.

Awareness of that voice walks hand in hand with faith.

Acceptance of that voice steers us toward purpose.

Acknowledgement of that voice alleviates fear and frees us to move, to appreciate.


Latest Blogs


HUH? 🤔 Intentional Living Response versus Reaction ... Action for action's sake is a reaction to someone else's prompting or your own insecurities. Stepping out into action even in the midst of not knowing every move forward is a response; there is a decision being...

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The most important thing a man can take into combat ... is a reason why. Awareness ... It Starts Here. Make Choices. Keep Going. Change Course. Decide. Acknowledge. Experience The Now. Be Present. "Nothing 'just happens' in the zip code of Awareness." Soul Speak: The...

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