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Sep 19, 2023


By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: September 19, 2023

Bread of Life

I bake my own bread now; mill the wheat and everything. Never have I ever tasted anything like it and 2 slices leave my taste buds appeased and my body fueled for hours. This bread, milled and then immediately baked, has all the nutrients, with the exception of Vitamin C, that you need to survive … literally The Bread of Life. Now I don’t expect everyone to mill and bake their bread, although I highly recommend it. However my eyes have been opened to how Eating Real is a huge factor in a life well-lived … in how you feel, how you think, and mood.

Satisfaction not Stuffed … Our bodies were not made for all-you-can-eat troughs, oversized meals and giant-sized candy-coated coffee. A whole lot of junk is NOT a deal. Fake Food doesn’t satisfy and that’s why we keep eating, trying to get there, trying to be “full”. But the definition of full has been distorted to mean – “I can’t cram down another bite”. When food is satisfying, it’s normal to stop before maximum capacity, actually enjoying the meal, the company, the surroundings and being energized by sustenance instead of lagging from hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Imagine feeling joyful as a side-effect of a meal. Imagine now that joy being transmitted to every other part of your life … your relationships, your outlook, your job. Nourishment impacts your day-to-day without even trying, just as a by-product, the exact way the body, mind and spirit were created to function. No program, long shelf-life boxed eats or seminar will ever beat Real Food, Hard Work (Purpose), and Personal Connection. Follow the original manual and experience a whole new outcome … How Satisfying 🙂

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  1. Maureen McGrath Zimmerman

    Lovely thought for the day! Miss you.

    • soulspeakadmin

      Thank you Maureen! Miss you too but so very happy for you! It’s a beautiful life 🙂


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