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Things That Make You Go “Yummmmm” #1

Nov 10, 2021

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: November 10, 2021

All Valencia Women Love Good Foodies

Hero Donuts, Red Cat Cafe, The Essential

It’s hard to choose between the eateries mentioned in Running Birmingham #1 so I’ll touch on each one. Hero Donuts started with a booth at Pepper Place Market on Saturdays and now has locations on 1st Avenue S. right across from Railroad Park, on Oxmoor right down from OLS, as well as in Atlanta and Charleston. Blueberry Crumble and Boston Cream are top pics but the OG (Vanilla Glazed) is hard to beat. Red Cat Cafe can be accessed by both ends of this run as there is a location at Pepper Place and on 1st Ave. S. as well, again right across from Railroad Park. Their coffee puts a national chain’s coffee, I shall not name, to shame. Stone Ground Grits … The End. But seriously, any of their sandwiches, wraps, paninis are worth a stop here, not to mention the unbelievable homemade pop tarts and OMG brownies. Pick up a copy of Soul Speak, if you’re interested in a chocoholic’s path to acceptance. The Essential is your place if quaint atmosphere and always locally sourced meals, is your heart’s desire. It checks all the boxes. Tag me on Instagram @livesoulspeak with pics of your favorite sustenance and let me know which one was most rewarding for you 🙂


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