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Things That Make You Go “Yummmmm” #4

Mar 7, 2022

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: March 7, 2022


Tom Saab’s BOCA is a home-run restaurant to add to Birmingham’s first-rate culinary reputation.

Birmingham, AL has so many good restaurants; there hasn’t been one that’s surprised me in a long time, but this one did. 2nd Avenue N. has become a real restaurant row and right there, between 24th and 23rd St., is a phenomenal dining experience from the atmosphere, with a nod to the glamorous vibe of Old Hollywood, to the wine selection, to the impeccable service and, most importantly to any Valencia woman … The Food! It all starts with the bread for me. If the attention to detail has been met with the bread, then the probability is pretty high that what follows is going to be a gratifying meal. The Italian cuisine menu is set up with Antipasti-Salads, Primi & Secondi. Trust me, you want to try at least one of each. And no worries, the Dessert Menu presented after dinner with a “can’t miss” selection should not be declined. In fact, order several to pass around the table to have a taste and leave happy with a satisfied smile. I purposely did not highlight a specific entree because they are all sooooo yummy. Tag me on Instagram @livesoulspeak with pics of your favorites and let me know if it hit the mark for you.


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