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Things That Make You Go “Yummmmm” #5

Mar 29, 2022


By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: March 29, 2022

Brick & Tin – Mountain Brook Village

Outdoor seating makes Brick & Tin a favorite of mine after a run when I’m sweaty and want to grab a bite before the hours it would take to clean up and be presentable. They even put out a water station on the sidewalk for runners and their dogs which is what drew my attention in the first place. Lunchtime parking in the village can be tricky. Parking close by is hit or miss, but I actually prefer and seek out a space that gives me the ability to walk off the meal. Brick & Tin’s menu offers a variety of paninis, salads, and small/large plates that are always fresh and full of flavor, which then kept my attention, and put this on the list of Go-To lunch places. They even have a bakery in the back so don’t miss the take-home focaccia or lavender cookies … the lavender cookies … sorry, I got lost in thought for a minute.

Anywayyy, with its order-at-the-counter, sit and be served style, it’s yet another fast food/real food establishment. Seating at the bar is usually my choice inside. Then there is one continuous bench along the walls dotted with separate small tables giving a community dining type feel. There are also completely separate tables for a little more privacy. Everything I’ve ordered has been good but I have to go with the salads for the win. Try it out for yourself either after a run or completely dolled up and tag me on Instagram @livesoulspeak with your food pics … because everyone takes pics of their meals now :/ It’s almost become dining etiquette πŸ™‚

P.S. Lavender Cookies … ok, I’ll stop.


  1. M

    Is that a Salmon dish in your bottom picture? , this place looks delicious!

    • soulspeakadmin

      It is delicious! And yes, that is seared salmon. When you go, don’t forget the lavender cookies πŸ˜‹ & please tag me @livesoulspeak on Instagram with pics of your favorites 😊


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