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Oct 4, 2022

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: October 4, 2022

Little Donkey/Cookie Fix: Homewood, AL

Homewood’s got it’s own unique style from clothing to furnishings to specialty stores and to make sure you stay a while continuing to browse, Homewood’s got the flavor covered. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal, a healthy option or a decadent delight you’ll hit the target. Each carefully planned activity for the day was outlined in my agenda awaiting that gratifying “Check!” upon fulfillment, satisfying my control issues. A good control counter-therapy is spontaneity (I’d put it on the checklist but that would kind of defeat the purpose I guess) :/ There are those times you get to have your plans and ad-libs too. That’s exactly what happened. Two unexpected errands led to hitting the taste bullseye with Little Donkey and Cookie Fix.

Little Donkey recently relocated to a more visible and accessible location right down from Valley Hotel on 18th St. S. I’ve frequented their original establishment many times and loved the atmosphere. Not being sure if a brand new space could bring a similar sentiment, I was skeptical that the mood would be the same. To my delight, it was even better … open and airy, clean, with a smart stylish decor, that for me, elevates the dining experience. But the food is what brings the patronage and it does not disappoint. First up, the Pozole. It’s hearty enough to be a stew but it’s not a stew. It’s soothing enough to be a soup but it’s more than a soup … it’s a stoup :/ It packs a punch, perfectly seasoned and has earned the top spot as Sweetheart’s favorite. Tacos are my menu pick. One is enough for me, but with 9 interpretations, it’s hard to choose. Usually I order 2 or 3 so I can look forward to leftover lunch. Tip: Start with Carnitas and go from there.

Walking into Cookie Fix gives me the same feeling I had as a kid walking up to the Ice Cream Truck … lots of choices, all good. Which one or ones? … excitement and anticipation, a little anxiety hoping your selection merits a gold medal, and finally triumph. The experience checks all the emotion boxes. That first bite affirms your astute understanding of this goody and your equally flawless execution.

Just another day of selecting “a plan” off the menu with an order of “winging it” on the side. “You can be open and still be on task.” (Soul Speak: Vol III or Soul Speak: The Full Story) Pick up your copy on the Shop Page and read about the Freedom of Openness 🙂


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