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Things That Make You Go Yummmmm! #6

Apr 25, 2022


By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: April 25, 2022

Watkin’s Branch Bourbon and Brasserie/Sunday Brunch

Owner, J. P. Holland, must enjoy obscure locations for his eating establishments. The Fig Tree, one of my top B’ham picks, is right in the middle of Cahaba Heights, yet hidden in its own little out-of-the-way nook. Likewise with Watkin’s Branch, although right in the heart of Mountain Brook Village, this particular placement on Culver Road is easily overlooked … but don’t! The excellence we experienced now made sense. Good design, an attentive staff and food quality are all on point. The attention to flavor is complimented by the way in which selections are served … it’s pretty.

I’m a grits girl through and through and these are some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Not over cheesy, over buttery, or over anything … just flavor … creamy, deliciousness without the fanfare. Flavor is like style, not gaudy but knowing when to add and when to delete and Chef Alexander Johnson has mastered this skill. Even the coffee is served with style in mind. Something simple like simple syrup versus the usual sugar crystals makes it memorable, distinctive to Watkin’s Branch, and the crystal glass versus a mug adds to the experience.

With the combination of pleasing atmosphere, unique settings and flavorful choices, you tend to relax into the only reason we gather to break bread. I’ll give you a hint; it’s not the sustenance. You can get that on your own. No, the reason we gather is for the connection that naturally occurs when sharing an exquisitely prepared meal, like the ones at Watkin’s Branch – Celebrate Life versus Sustaining Life šŸ™‚

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  1. jeanne moore

    Yum!!! They are lucky to have you in their corner. What a good write up.


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