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Mar 27, 2023

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: March 27, 2023

Monthly Assessment – Say Yes

Daylight Savings Time came swooping in bringing with it what seemingly feels like a whole lot more time to experience Fun in The ‘Ham. These are some of my favorites:

Church Street Coffee & Books: Open Mic Night every other Monday and of course great coffee, treats & books – Crestline Village

The Birmingham Candy Co.: Chocolate, Caramel, Handcrafted … Nuf Said – Crestline Village

Blue Root: Good Fast Food that Tastes Good Fast – Pepper Place

Teenies: The Ultimate Take-Home Meals – Mountain Brook Village

Small Batch: The Ultimate In-Home Dining Experience – Personal Chefs Brian Dyer & Sam Adams

Village Sportswear: Great Clothes and a Little Free Library – Mountain Brook Village

HaMi: New Boutique in Liberty Park. Affordable Fashion, Gifts … It’s Fun.

Billy Reid: Classic Clothing in the Heart of Pepper Place

Filter Coffee: Muse Mondays and Great Coffee & Scones, Upstairs Reading/Study Area for The Win – Five Points

Smart Skin Med Spa: Ahhhhh – Homewood

Canterbury Nails: Mani/Pedi – Cahaba Village

Star Lake: Good for a Stroll – Hoover

Stroll Crestline: Good for a Light Read of Local Events/Stories

Highlight: An impromptu driveway carwash with the grands as a result of extra light/warmth followed by adventure walk through Homewood Tunnel under Hwy 31 to The Pig to purchase a gigantic smile courtesy of a gigantic balloon.

Special Thanks: Sherwood Forest Garden Club. What a pleasure meeting your members and sharing/discussing Soul Speak with your club 🙂


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