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May 23, 2023

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: May 23, 2023

You Know Who You Are … Who You Truly Are (Moana)

Not your title, that’s what you do. Not your possessions, that’s what you own. Not your circumstances, that’s what you experience. So much swirling around your head constantly telling you who you are coming from all different sources, gaslighting, manipulation or even sometimes in a misguided attempt to be of help. Today, “Ease” is being sought as if it’s the grand prize of life, a pumped up sense of self, boasting of all the things that can be hired out to do, no longer wasting precious time. You’ll never have to do this again turns into you’ll lose the skill to ever be able to do this. Consider the tradeoff of giving away that empirical knowledge. We connect through climbing that hill, sharing our methods or figuring it out together. Why would anyone freely hand that over? Or actually pay to have it taken from them. To know and to be known is the greatest feeling in the world, right up there with being loved. Because you can’t be truly loved until you are truly known. I Know Your Name … That’s the grand prize of life 🙂

“And the call isn’t out there at all; it’s inside me.”



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