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Jan 19, 2023


By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: January 19, 2023


Running/Skiing … Tomato/Tomauto … Whereas Running, my first love, involves exploring new routes, scenery, terrain; Skiing brings you into the Wow Factor, on the top of the world, the stillness, the beauty, the overwhelming feeling of solitude and at the same time, oneness with other skiers, with nature. The adrenaline of risk and at the same time, the serenity of giving in to the mountain.

It’s really about moving, breathing in, looking up and around and down, taking in The Now and feeling it, experiencing it. Physical exertion brings you into Awareness better than anything else I have found. And those times when you find yourself on that mountain when suddenly the snowfall ramps up, struggling to see your path, knowing there’s only one thing to do, only one thing you can do …

Accept and Keep Moving … One Step (or Turn) At A Time … Let It Snow … And soak it alllll in 🙂

#AcceptanceIsTheKey #YourSoulIsRootingForYou


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