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LOCAL LIFE – Madrid, Spain

Sep 26, 2022

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: September 26, 2022


Calle Mayor, a street I walked multiple times years ago when we spent a month in Madrid has the sights and sounds of the grand city all along its slender frame from pastelerias to heladerias to a flurry of souvenir shops dotting the sidewalk to some of the most fun and fashionable shopping in Madrid. Now, Madrid has its share of high-end designer shops but you can shop those in any big city. I found the local boutiques unique with very good quality. And tucked away right across from Plaza Mayor almost to Sol is Pacco Guerrero – Madrid. It was my favorite years ago and to my delight, still thriving today reaffirming its top tier status on my list. Is it the style – comfortable chic, the materials – silky soft elegance, the jewelry – unique and a bit quirky or maybe Pacco himself, who is there most days to advise and assist in what to wear and how to wear it? His pride in what he has built and maintains is visible, the conversation – engaging, the experience – a treasure. It’s a small town feel in a big bustling city. I still have the pieces I purchased way back when, still enjoying them, whenever they are worn remembering the trip where we were introduced. Not walking away empty handed, Pacco helped me fill my bag, this time adding a few surprises for my daughters back home who will soon be committed fans.

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