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Other Things #1

Nov 10, 2021

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: November 10, 2021

Snapshot #1

Colors and Shapes

You don’t have to master photography if you Master the Crop. I take a lot of pictures, like … A Lot of pictures … A LOT. A funny thing, when I take a look at them, they’re not always what I see. For the most part, I don’t take pictures of trees, buildings, etc. I am drawn to color and shape. In other words, I see the blue sky behind the scattered green and brown of the leaves and branches, the geometrical shape of the windows, bricks, roof line, that sort of thing, and attempt to capture it. It’s not always possible but with the crop I can usually end up with intended message of the shot. Here’s a few of my examples. Tag me on Instagram @livesoulspeak with some of yours.

You’re Fascinating! #1

Document YOUR Story

A little journaling goes a long way. It always seems difficult to begin but that’s because you’re focused on an enlightenment moment. Instead try starting with a statement and then ask questions: Why, Where, How, What. With each answer, keep asking one of these basic questions and you’ll start peeling the onion. It’s not as deep as it first seemed and really quite easy to access clarity one step, or question, at a time. Practice makes perfect so take a few minutes and begin the conversation … with your soul. Pick up a copy of Soul Speak to see how I started my journey down the rabbit hole.

The Now #1

Awareness and Appreciation

What are you doing … NOW?

Things don’t just happen, nothing, when there is awareness. Awareness takes you out of victimhood to learning. Good or bad, appreciation, not necessarily enjoyment, but appreciation always follows. Check out The Four A’s chapter in Soul Speak: The Full Story or Soul Speak: Volume One.

Say It! #1


This is the follow-through. It’s small in comparison to the usually time-consuming, hard work of practice and performance, but is crucial to the final outcome. Never an after-thought, acknowledgement seals the deal. Find more on this in The Four A’s chapter in Soul Speak: The Full Story or Soul Speak: Volume One


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