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Aug 1, 2023


By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: August 1, 2023

Wherever you go … There you are πŸ™‚

Quality Time … We hear that term thrown around constantly, goading you, guilting you to achieve this most sought after reward. What exactly defines time as quality? And who is in charge of that distinction? If you listen to advertising, it’s common knowledge that laundry and dishes or any such activity of service, giving, taking into account another, falls way short. Giving can make the cut, but only if you’re having “fun” in the process. That’s the rule so you must follow it. In your own head even; you mustn’t count anything valuable that doesn’t give personal satisfaction so don’t settle for less. One more time just so you don’t forget or veer off path … Seek Satisfaction. So when you reach that milestone, are you done? Have you actually arrived? The brutal reality, what they don’t tell you, under that scenario, you’re never done. It’s a relentless longing for the next thing, the better thing, the new and improved thing.

Aren’t you tired? Want to realize genuine “Quality Time”? It’s here. It’s now … in the form of Awareness. Value your moments, all of them. They’re not all mind blowing, enjoyable even. Who decided they have to be? But they belong to you. Breathe In/Breathe Out … Give and Receive … Work and Rest … Play and Strive … Connect and Participate. The quality’s in your involvement, your engagement, in any activity. Practice always trumps Theory because recognition and acknowledgement of the value of your moments … every single one … is where quality lives. “If you don’t live, it’s not a life … It’s an existence.” (Soul Speak: The Full Story, pg. 251 and Soul Speak: Vol. 2).

Every Experience Has Value. Your Soul Is Rooting For You πŸ™‚


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