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Running Birmingham #2

Jan 13, 2022

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: January 13, 2022

Mountain Brook:

Crestline Village, Montrose Rd., Beechwood Rd., Jemison Natural Trail, Jemison Paved Trail, Mountain Brook Village, Montevallo Rd, Crestline Village

This is one of a half-dozen runs throughout Mountain Brook … so many choices, which is usually one of my favorite things, my choices, but choosing which way to go with all the great scenery, sidewalks galore, and perfect balance of shade and sun can be difficult. Other Mountain Brook runs will be highlighted in the coming weeks but whichever one you decide on is sure to guarantee making your mileage in the most painless and interesting way.

Starting in Crestline Village on Church St., head towards and crossover Montevallo Rd. to Montrose Rd. (take note at St. Luke’s to veer right. It turns into Old Leeds Rd. here; just stay with the sidewalk) and keep going to Beechwood. I call this part of the run my “buy one get one free” mile because it is a glorious downhill to the trails. Pay attention on the natural trail so not to trip on tree roots or rocks, then to the paved portion full of babbling brooks and a few natural loops if you prefer the dirt beneath your feet. Crossing over Mountain Brook Parkway at the end of Jemison Trail takes you to yet another natural trail portion straight into Mountain Brook Village. You want to take your time with this particular run so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, Birmingham landmarks like the Old Mill House with its water wheel, do a little window shopping and maybe even sample the eats along the way. Usually, I take a walk break in Mountain Brook Village to do exactly that. And this is B’ham, so … hills. Montevallo is a challenging incline all the way back to Church St. and on those days when I hit a wall, a run/walk will do.

Definitely put this one on your list, in my Top 5, where many inspiration was born, detailed in my book, Soul Speak. I would love to see pics that speak to your soul on this run. Be sure to tag me on Instagram @livesoulspeak or on Facebook and let me know what you think.


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