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Running Birmingham #1

Nov 7, 2021

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: November 7, 2021

Pepper Place/Rotary Trail/Railroad Park/Morris Avenue

This run is full of building murals, overpasses (I have an unnatural obsession running these) and local eateries ending with cobblestone streets and maybe even a little shopping to pick up a unique little something something.  I like this run on a Saturday morning when the Farmer’s Market is in full swing.  After putting my market finds in the trunk I take off to Rotary Trail one block north and head west towards downtown.  On a pretty day, Sloss Furnace in the background makes for a great photo op.  The murals along the way are so visually pleasing; it’s like a scavenger hunt to see how many I can find.  And when I happen to find a new one … That … is so exciting.  The sculptures on the trail blend in beautifully and are designed for your interactive use.  Railroad Park, being a circular track, frees my mind to just observe and take in the many built-in activities.  And whether it’s grabbing a bite at Hero Donuts, Red Cat Cafe, or The Essential, finding sustenance is easy and rewarding.  Try it out and Tag Yourself on Instagram @livesoulspeak if you come across any of these markers 🙂  And check out The Run chapter in my book, Soul Speak (also sold in volumes, Soul Speak Vol. 3)


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