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Jun 13, 2023

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: June 13, 2023

“Once upon a time … A girl lived everyday … Thinking tomorrow … Would be different than today.” Gloria Vanderbilt

Born wealthy, died wealthy. Started with fame, Ended with fame. Created her own brand, achieved success. Travelled the world. Ate, drank and was merry … But this quote falls a little melancholy on me.

The Finish Line only has value because of the steps along the way and the steps along the way only have value if they are received by you, cultivated by you. Big step, little step, made with determination or wandering … it’s not the step itself. The step itself has no special powers. You are the magic. Your decision, your choice, your action, response. It’s You. Get to that clarity any way you can.

I was that “Once Upon A Time Girl” seeking out any program, routine, title that would make my tomorrow different from today. It’s easy to live in that vision of what will be. Listening is not required. Awareness departs, just dream. And dreams are good, hope is essential but if you want to experience all the perks of life, realize the part You play. Take a step/Don’t take a step … So many selections, options, possibilities.

Receive Every Moment … What a Difference 🙂

#EveryExperienceHasValue #YourSoulIsRootingForYou


  1. Melinda Renfroe

    So lovely…🌸

    • soulspeakadmin

      Thank you Melinda!


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