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Sep 5, 2023

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: September 5, 2023


This has to be enough … THIS … This Moment … Not what it’s leading up to, not what it’s freeing you up to do … that thing on the horizon, that state of reality being pursued. Planning for the future is wise. Living in that future plan has a heavy cost … You’re missing THIS. The Now is continually presenting itself to you, so give a nod of respect. Valuing moments is rarely accompanied by fanfare and elation. That is not the qualifying factor in realizing Worth. Value doesn’t rely on outside pricing, opinions from afar. It’s Awareness plus Acknowledgement culminating in Appreciation … Being Present … not necessarily with any great effort but simply with Awareness.

THIS has to be enough … THIS is everything … THIS IS IT 🙂

#EveryExperienceHasValue #YourSoulIsRootingForYou


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