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Jul 25, 2023

By Kathryn Valencia

Published on: July 25, 2023


Well … Contemplating, Resting, Listening, Observing, Deciding, Thinking … Not Waiting. Waiting implies wasting and it’s anything but; it implies lack of control of a situation. Our inner dialogue is key. Language packs a heavy punch. However, the opposite of waiting is not doing. The opposite of waiting is being present, is owning your moments. As if we have to “wait” on any person or circumstance before we are allowed to value our experiences. 24 hours, it belongs to you every single day, a wealth of time that is not more or less than anyone else’s and you get to choose how to best use it.

Speak kindly to yourself. Redefine the narrative and feel the satisfaction of being the gatekeeper, protecting your most precious asset … time. What are you waiting for? :/

Every Experience Has Value. Your Soul Is Rooting For You 🙂


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