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Bite-sized updates from Kathryn Valencia.


Chris Wallace: "Do you think you're a bit eccentric?" Sandy Lerner (Co-Founder Cisco Systems): "I am now that I'm rich. I used to just be weird." Words. Language. Labels. Perception. Take a look at how you are defining your circumstances, yourself and others. It turns...

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Warby Parker: The Summit 20/20 Vision ... I took it for granted for decades. So much so, that when my eyesight began to fade, at first I thought I was having neurological issues. The blurry vision, dizziness all pointed to one, and only one, self-diagnosis - a brain...

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I'mmmmm waitiiinnnggg That period of defined inaction, "Waiting" can actually be an action. I know, weird right? Patience: Calm Resolve, Tenacity, Determination, Endurance, Composure ... Quite a lot of activity packed into a seemingly passive word. Give yourself...

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THIS IS IT This has to be enough ... THIS ... This Moment ... Not what it's leading up to, not what it's freeing you up to do ... that thing on the horizon, that state of reality being pursued. Planning for the future is wise. Living in that future plan has a heavy...

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Pay Attention Since when did we get the idea that floating through life is something to strive for? Non-participation is not a luxury. Giving away effort, freely, willingly and actually feeling like you've beat the system is quite the mind-game. A change in your head...

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The LIGHT at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion … THE TUNNEL IS. A moment of clarity ... It can be fleeting, but hold on to that, expand on it. Assumptions tend to direct a great deal of our thoughts. We've had experiences, that's good. We've learned, that's...

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Wherever you go ... There you are 🙂 Quality Time ... We hear that term thrown around constantly, goading you, guilting you to achieve this most sought after reward. What exactly defines time as quality? And who is in charge of that distinction? If you listen to...

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WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Well ... Contemplating, Resting, Listening, Observing, Deciding, Thinking ... Not Waiting. Waiting implies wasting and it's anything but; it implies lack of control of a situation. Our inner dialogue is key. Language packs a heavy punch....

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The Only Constant Is Change. Cute saying but nope. Not Change. "I need to change," is a misleading statement. This is the language we use to define ourselves ... but we don't change. We don't change who we are ... We Grow. All those traits, those inborn...

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Good For The Soul Sustenance ... It's essential for survival. Physical needs are clear ... clean water, food nourishment and some sleep. Learning ... anything ... through travel, through relationships, the obvious course study, a new skill; learning is mind...

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