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Bite-sized updates from Kathryn Valencia.

LOCAL LIFE – Madrid, Spain

PACCO GUERRERO - MADRID Calle Mayor, a street I walked multiple times years ago when we spent a month in Madrid has the sights and sounds of the grand city all along its slender frame from pastelerias to heladerias to a flurry of souvenir shops dotting the sidewalk to...

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LOCAL LIFE – Birmingham, AL

M. LAVENDER and RYAN REEVE ... IT'S A WIN/WIN M. Lavender and Ryan Reeve, both beautiful boutiques, located in Mountain Brook Village and Cahaba Heights, serve the fashion cravings of our community. Such a fun experience to browse their selections and most recently, a...

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GOOD MORNING! BONJOUR! BUENOS DIAS! The language is different but the sentiment the same. "Good" Morning ... not "Bad" Morning. It's a hopeful start to the day, many times in a singing tone. This simple greeting is a reminder that hope is "built-in", part of the core...

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La La Lavanderia Madrid and Santiago de Compostela, Spain Beautifully patterned tiled floors, complementing wallpaper on one side, age-old stone wall on the other, antique furnishings mixed with framed quotes hanging indiscriminately in different languages and an open...

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LOCAL LIFE Heezie's - Crestline Village They pull it all together, whether for an outfit or a tabletop, making the most mundane into the exceptional. From simple to striking, accessories are the cherry on top. They seal the deal and now, in Crestline Village, we have...

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LOCAL LIFE Buff City Soap - Lane Parke - Mountain Brook I'm the girl who goes to a Farmer's Market and walks away with anything but fruits and veggies. I get caught up in homemade products like bread, jewelry, and my very favorite, soap. I will actually wait to buy...

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LOCAL LIFE Little Professor Bookshop - Homewood, AL What an absolute pleasure, a quaint little throwback to simpler times when we connected in community even if it's just an effortless "Have a nice day" to the the locals coming in and out the open door. Some just grab...

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YOU'RE FASCINATING Document YOUR Story Writing down grievances can be therapeutic. Venting has it's place. But more times than not, it seems easier to pull up irritants than bliss. It's really just a matter of focus, a decision you make by the way. Writing down...

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YOU'RE FASCINATING Document YOUR Story Lists can be very telling. It might seem boring at first glance, but they can do more than just being a reminder of necessary tasks. They show where focus is being placed, where time is being used, where life is being lived. So...

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YOU'RE FASCINATING Document YOUR Story Are you starting to see it? And when you do, are you surprised? Building from the previous post, You're Fascinating #1, as you practice writing and asking questions to each statement, journaling reacquaints you with basic dreams,...

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